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  • 3M Cable for digital TH Probe with IP67 Connector

  • EL-USB-TP-LCD+ (data logger) + EL-P-VAC ( Glycol probe)

  • Metal hylster til EL-USB-1 datalogger

  • N2000 box: Multi-link box til N2012 data logger

  • N2013 Starterkit: Logger -20°C to +60°C

  • SPY RF N1 Digitallogger

  • SPY RF N2 Digitallogger

  • SPY RF Relay/unit of radio relay 230VAC feed backup (pakke)

  • SPY RF USB MODEM 25/500 With Cable (Pakke)

  • Temp., humidity and pressure logger with display

  • Thermo Button 21G -40/+85 C +/- 1 C

  • Thermo Button 21G with calibration certificate