MASTER-2Pa Refraktometer

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MASTER-2a / MASTER-2Pa are mid-range (measurement range Brix 28.0 to 62.0%) model of the MASTER-a / MASTER-Pa. These are convenient for measuring a variety of sauces, soy sauce, seasoning in liquid form as well as for low-sugar jams and spreads. These are an Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) model with water resistant properties (IP65).
The MASTER-2a is made of metal, and the MASTER-2Pa is plastic. The specifications are exactly the same. For salty and acidic samples, choose the plastic body, MASTER-2Pa.

*Verification with the 30% Sucrose Solution ( RE-110030 ) , 40% Sucrose Solution ( RE-110040 ) , 50% Sucrose Solution ( RE-110050 ) or 60% Sucrose Solution ( RE-110060 )

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